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Parts R & D due to strong air quality in the car and change

Date: 2016-10-31
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I remember 8 years ago, the first time to the Asian city of the interview, the new car smell unpleasant, really do not know how people endure. Until the last two years, the car air quality problems have been valued by everyone. But suffer from lack of laws and regulations, most vehicle companies are still ignored, the owners can only continue to endure.

The good news finally came. In a recent round-table forum organized by the GES Automotive Network, the State Indoor Vehicle Interior Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Song Guangsheng said, as a national mandatory standard "passenger car environmental quality standards", has been included in the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2014 Standards development plan, will be implemented in 2015. By then, by the car air pollution pain consumers, will have a strong legal weapon. The car air quality is not up to the mandatory recall.



First, the balance between environmental protection and lightweight technology. Over the past 10 years, one of the most prominent marketing point of car marketing should be energy saving. Automotive technology R & D focus is energy-saving technologies, in addition to improving the engine combustion technology, the promotion of lightweight is the most important. As a result, a large number of non-metallic materials instead of metal materials, mainly plastic, leather, fabric and a large number of adhesives, these materials will be volatile pollutants. The future, in the development of products, new materials in the process, not only to consider lightweight, need to consider environmental protection, so that the balance between the two.

Second, the integration of vehicle air purification technology. China's increasingly serious foggy haze, it is said that the current Taobao and other electricity providers to sell the most fire is the home air purifier. Of course, car air purifier has also been a large number of appear. The future in the new car research and development, the air purification technology integrated into the new car, will become a trend. Similar to Volvo's IAQS air purification system, will become the future of the new models of the popular configuration.

Third, the cost of environmental protection materials. Allegedly, with the car air quality standards supporting the automotive interior parts and other products, environmental standards will also be introduced, this will certainly give the auto parts environmental protection material manufacturers a great opportunity. However, the use of environmentally friendly parts, will inevitably bring about cost increases. Auto parts enterprises in the development of new products need to find the best balance between environmental protection and cost.

Fourth, the automotive supplies innovation. Buy a car, it will add decoration to the car, and even luxury decoration, do not know seat covers, mats, perfume, etc. are important sources of pollution. The automotive supplies manufacturers, the development of environmentally friendly products is an important direction. At the same time, more and more owners to recognize the pollution of supplies, without or less decoration will become a consensus in the market demand shrinking circumstances, how to develop automotive supplies business will have to face the problem.


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