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China's mold industry is actively seeking to transform the local industry

Date: 2016-10-31
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Mold is the manufacture of modern parts of the main parts of industrial equipment, especially the part is not suitable for metal cutting products. Today, China's industrial economy is considerable, the mold is gradually expanding domestic demand, but in some large-scale precision mold equipment, domestic production does not meet the requirements of the local industry is actively seeking to transform the work.

China is a big manufacturing country, but also a big consumer of industrial products, mold as a modern industrial development, one of the necessary equipment, is widely used. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui that, at present, China's mold industry trading market is very large, but also showed a 15% to 20% annual growth trend, Die and other large users of the industry.

However, although the domestic market demand for molds to maintain high demand, but because of China's mold technology and the current international level compared to the gap still exists, behind the mold technology, many industries in the autonomous development of manufacturing is subject to great restrictions, a number of high-tech Content of the mold is still dependent on imports, coupled with foreign advanced enterprises in recent years pay more attention to the protection of technology, which is the introduction of technology companies die caused some difficulties.

To this end, as soon as possible to improve China's mold manufacturing industry level. With the national economy and the continuous development of industrial products technology, resulting in all walks of life increasing demand for the mold, the technical requirements are also increasing, focusing on the development of high-tech mold and constantly improve the level of China's mold standardization Once became the second five development focus. Especially for the need to mold high-tech products as the basis for the precision molds industry, such as computer cases, connectors and many components in the manufacture of precision plastic molds and precision stamping dies, are not available for electronic production tools equipment.


Today, the rise of the mold industry, science and technology boom, and further accelerate China's mold industry reform and innovation path, and the mold industry restructuring has also led the entire manufacturing industry into a new round of development, combined with high-tech content of mold production technology, Enterprises can more accurately and more efficiently complete the product design and production process, close to the pace of the international market.

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