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The machine tool industry should continue to drive the automation process

Date: 2016-10-31
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"China is currently undergoing a large-scale industrial automation process to promote the industrial production technology has also been a certain increase in production technology and manufacturing equipment to improve both have close ties, of which Qing-equipment as the mother of modern industry, high-end precision products processing China is the world's largest machine tool consumer market, the domestic possession of CNC machine tools has reached 13 million, is about 3% of the machine tool industry is the world's largest machine tool market, Of the annual retirement probability calculation, the annual emerging market demand will reach 40 million units, which will produce a considerable industry market, market development opportunities are obvious.

The machine axis did not make a breakthrough, such as machine tool manufacturing and CNC system is the case. At the same time, some industry insiders said that the domestic most at present only up to six axes. Many of the name of a breakthrough product, are not fully domestic, and is more symbolic than practical significance.

However, this situation is expected to change in the next few years. Second, the machine tool industry has been clearly included in the second five-year high-end manufacturing planning, and to promote the "NC generation" of the program, which are all in the process of automation of the machine tool industry to promote market growth and technological progress; Will promote the machine tool industry has made great progress.

The global solar power system market is gradually expanding. At the same time, because energy security and prevention of global warming problems in countries increasingly attention, so solar power has begun to receive social attention.

In the past, Germany, as the center, the European countries through the power acquisition system (FIT), led the popularity of solar power generation systems, in addition, the United States through the RPS system and tax credit system to promote the popularity.

Japan has been through the provision of subsidies to promote the popularization of residential solar power systems, but since 2012 the implementation of renewable energy power generation fixed price acquisition system, the megawatt-class solar power generation facilities and industrial solar power system construction has expanded rapidly.


On the other hand, as a major supplier, China's solar cell manufacturers to rise rapidly, the mainland and Taiwan enterprises together account for more than half of the global market share. In the past living in the world's top level of Japanese companies have been these emerging companies beyond, into a low-cost competition among the bitter struggle. However, this situation caused by the Chinese enterprises are also facing severe competition. In this case,

Prosperous infrastructure construction, driven by the rapid development of many industries, including automation, equipment manufacturing, electric power and other industries.

Low-voltage electrical appliances as industrial, transportation and other aspects of a very wide range of products, with the power industry and the power distribution industry changes and high-speed expansion of the power industry, low-voltage electrical industry can be described as an opportunity. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the State Grid in the smart grid in the power grid construction and intelligent investment in a total of 1.5 trillion yuan, or about 300 billion yuan per year, which undoubtedly ensure the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances; urban population rapid growth Will also stimulate the growth of electricity and electricity consumption, low-voltage electrical market space for future development will continue to enlarge.  

At this stage, China 's low - voltage electrical industry, although still in the "small - scale, too many, more than 90 percent of enterprises in the middle and low - level product of the repeated production of three generations of products coexistence" situation. But in the future for some time, the structure of low-voltage electrical products will be further adjusted, and toward high-performance, high reliability, miniaturization, digitalization, modularization, and parts of the general direction.

The development of low-voltage electrical appliances depends on the development of the national economy and the development of modern industrial automation, as well as the research and application of new technologies, new techniques and new materials. The rapid development of national economic construction is bound to bring good prospects for low-voltage electrical industry.

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