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The first half of 2013 the company summary of the work of the General Assembly

Date: 2013-11-29
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July 29, the company held the first half of 2013 the company summary of the work of the General Assembly. Zhu Xiaoyong, chairman of the participants, general manager of Zhong Zhigang and the backbone of the company. According to the agenda of the meeting leaders of the various departments for the first half of the work and the second half of the work plan were reported. In showing the positive results should be affirmed at the same time also exposed their own departments of some major problems and bottlenecks.

Mr. Zhong made an important speech on the production and operation of the Company in the first half of the year and carried out a series of work in accordance with the economic situation. At the meeting stressed that we should unify our thinking, firm confidence, solid work, the full implementation of the objectives of responsibility assessment, in the second half we must "understand the situation, firm confidence, down to earth, surmount" to ensure that the annual target breakthrough!

At the end of the meeting, Zhu Dong made important instructions and hoped that the comrades would make joint efforts to create greater glories.

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