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Party branch line of red trip

Date: 2013-11-29
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August 3, Xiaoguang party branch of the party members embarked on a red trip to the patriotism education base, the cradle of the revolution, the red capital ─ ─ flower Ming House, accept the revolutionary tradition of education. In which we revisited the lofty history, to see a large number of cultural relics, heard the moving story, a lot of harvest.

Through this event, all members are encouraged. We understand that the revolutionary leaders, for the country, for the people to spare no effort, homes for everyone. The invaluable spiritual wealth left by the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries is guiding and inspiring all the party members and the people of the whole country to unite and struggle to lead the glorious and heroic cause of our socialist modernization drive to a victory tomorrow.

Today, we cherish the memory of the predecessors of the revolutionary moment, agreed that the experience of such activities more firmly his belief in life, at the same time, we are determined to the prosperity of the motherland and study hard, great spirit to the end. Can not forget today's China's powerful and people's happiness is how come. In the era of reform and opening up, in the new century, we must always study the Party Constitution, enhance party spirit, enhance party members' awareness, and consciously remember the purpose of the party - serving the people wholeheartedly.

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