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July 25, 2015, the company in the office building on the first floor of a multi-functional conference room grand opening of the first half of the work of the General Assembly in 2015, the meeting was chaired by the Deputy General Manager Miss Du Junhong, Chairman Zhu Xiaoyong, General Manager Mr. Zhong Zhigang, Consultant Mr. Yang Shaojie and all levels of the company management cadres attended the meeting.Mr. Zhong Zhigang, general manager of the Company, made a summary report on the work in the first half of the year. The report comprehensively summarized the achievement of the indicators in the first half of the year, analyzed the shortcomings in the management and deployed the key work in the second half of the year. , Grasp the implementation of strict examination "management ide...
发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 31
Warm congratulations to the CPC Hunan Xiaoguang Automotive Mold Co., Ltd. General BranchThe 2014-2015 Annual Work Conference was successfully heldJuly 23, 2015, the CPC Hunan Xiaoguang Automotive Mold Co., Ltd. Branch of the company's second floor, first floor training room held a grand 2014-2015 annual working meeting and a complete success. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Du Junhong, vice secretary of the party branch of the Party branch, and Comrade Zhong Zhigang, Party branch secretary of the company, and all the Party members attended the meeting.First of all, under the auspices of Comrade Chen Jianghua, members of the organization, by the vote of all the comrades of the party members, agreed that Wang Zhaqian, Zhou Di two preparatory party as scheduled and Li Linfeng and oth...
发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 31
CPC Hunan Xiaoguang Auto Mold Co., LtdParty General Branch 2013-2014 summary of the work of the General Assembly held in recognition of the victory June 30, 2014 afternoon, the CPC Hunan Xiaoguang Automotive Co., Ltd. 2013-2014 summing up the work of the General Assembly in the training room was held in Building II, the General Assembly by the Deputy Party SecretaryComrade Du Junhong, Comrade Zhong Zhigang comrades of the party branch, the general branch of Qiu Shenglin, Deng Haozhi, Chen Jianghua comrades attended the meeting, 53 comrades attended the meeting.The meeting opened in the loud and clear voice of "No Communist Party Without New China". Deng Haozhi, member of the general branch, read the approval document of Comrade Chen Jianghua, who was a member of the General ...
发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 31
On December 7, under the leadership of Comrade Zhong Zhigang, the party branch secretary, all the members of the First Party Group visited the Planning and Exhibition Hall of the Hexi Leading Area of the Hexi Corridor. The first floor is the Achievement Exhibition, showing the "Eleventh Five- Development achievements and the pilot area of three years of construction achievements; two for the planning exhibition, show the city of Changsha and the pilot area "second five" plan; three layer to "river dream" as the theme of the pilot area vision and experience leisure area . Through the visit and learning we have a profound understanding of our mission and responsibility - to build our good Changsha.
发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
Mold is the manufacture of modern parts of the main parts of industrial equipment, especially the part is not suitable for metal cutting products. Today, China's industrial economy is considerable, the mold is gradually expanding domestic demand, but in some large-scale precision mold equipment, domestic production does not meet the requirements of the local industry is actively seeking to transform the work.China is a big manufacturing country, but also a big consumer of industrial products, mold as a modern industrial development, one of the necessary equipment, is widely used. Internati...
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 31
I remember 8 years ago, the first time to the Asian city of the interview, the new car smell unpleasant, really do not know how people endure. Until the last two years, the car air quality problems have been valued by everyone. But suffer from lack of laws and regulations, most vehicle companies are still ignored, the owners can only continue to endure.The good news finally came. In a recent round-table forum organized by the GES Automotive Network, the State Indoor Vehicle Interior Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Song Guangsheng said, as a national mandatory standard ...
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 31
"China is currently undergoing a large-scale industrial automation process to promote the industrial production technology has also been a certain increase in production technology and manufacturing equipment to improve both have close ties, of which Qing-equipment as the mother of modern industry, high-end precision products processing China is the world's largest machine tool consumer market, the domestic possession of CNC machine tools has reached 13 million, is about 3% of the machine tool industry is the world's largest machine tool market, Of the annual retirement probabilit...
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 31
Luo Baihui pointed out that with the continuous progress of computer technology, the world's major countries are aware of CNC machine tools for the entire industry support status, especially in response to the international financial crisis, they have to adjust CNC machine tool industry policy, competing development of high-end CNC machine tools, Promote industrial and national economic development. Manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous changes, especially in recent years, the emergence of a variety of new technologies, making the industry there have been large changes.  The Unit...
Release time: 2016 - 10 - 31
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