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Hunan xiaoguang body technology Institute


Hunan xiaoguang body technology institute is hunan xiaoguang auto mould co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in October 2016, mainly engaged in vehicle engineering technology research and the design of the machining parts; For car body class, spare parts production and welding process related equipment design and testing in the field of scientific research projects. Institute of strong technical force, the existing research and development, technical personnel 160, of which two engineering academician, researcher 6 people, senior engineer 20 people, and strategic alliance of hunan university and central south university, has established the engineering technology research center and academician workstation, through the results of the radiation and diffusion, cultivate a batch of high level engineering technical personnel and management personnel, set up a high-quality talent team of hi-tech industrialization.

Institute on the basis of technical development, focusing on the achievements and product development, with high performance, high stability as the direction, intelligent, functional integration, to forge a national car body shape will institute scientific research and engineering development center, give play to the role of its function and source of guidance.

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