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High-end CNC machine tools into the industry development benchmark

Date: 2016-10-31
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Luo Baihui pointed out that with the continuous progress of computer technology, the world's major countries are aware of CNC machine tools for the entire industry support status, especially in response to the international financial crisis, they have to adjust CNC machine tool industry policy, competing development of high-end CNC machine tools, Promote industrial and national economic development. Manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous changes, especially in recent years, the emergence of a variety of new technologies, making the industry there have been large changes.

The United States wants to use the new law to revive the manufacturing industry

The United States has always attached great importance to the development of CNC machine tool industry, in the host design, manufacturing and numerical control system based solid. Technological progress is the main factor affecting the US CNC machine tool industry, intelligent, high-speed, precision is the mainstream of the US machine tool industry. In August 2010, US President Barack Obama signed the "US Manufacturing Promotion Act", its main purpose is to enhance the "Made in America" competitiveness. The bill will reduce or suspend US companies in the import of raw materials must pay some of the tariffs to help the US manufacturing to reduce costs and restore competitiveness. After the implementation of the bill is expected in three years for the US manufacturing enterprises to save import tariffs of about 298 million US dollars, an increase of 4.6 billion US dollars output value, an increase of 90,000 jobs. The machine tool industry as the United States manufacturing industry is very important in the production sector, will benefit from the bill.

Japan attaches great importance to the research and development of the machine tool industry, especially CNC machine technology, through the planning and formulation of laws and regulations (such as the "Machinery Law", "Electrical and Mechanical Law" and "machine letter law") to provide adequate research and development funding to encourage research institutions and enterprises Vigorously develop CNC machine tools. In the "machine vibration law", the Japanese CNC machine tool industry focus on the development of key technologies, highlight the development of CNC system, the development of core products. The Japanese government also focused on supporting the development of that company to gradually become the world's largest supplier of CNC system, the company's numerical control system in Japan, the market share of more than 80%, accounting for about 50% of world sales, the other Manufacturers focus on research and development of mechanical processing part. This cooperation between the division of labor to improve the Japanese CNC machine tool industry efficiency, to avoid the incompatibility of industry standards and weaken competitiveness.

With the global economy picking up and the machine tool industry recovering significantly, EU governments and industry associations have launched policies to help the industry return to the fast track. CECIMO has 15 member countries, covering the vast majority of the EU machine tool manufacturing enterprises. In order to maintain the competitive advantage of the European machine tool industry, CECIMO put forward the advanced production technology, high R & D investment, rapid innovation cycle, and highly skilled labor and other factors, as the future competitiveness of the European machine tool industry, and launched a series of Measures to improve market competitiveness.

Germany emphasizes talent and product quality, and actively support small and medium enterprises

Machinery manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry in Germany, due to the strategic position of CNC machine tools in the machinery industry, the German government from various aspects of a strong support. The country attaches great importance to the host of CNC machine tools supporting the advanced practicality of various functional components in quality, performance in the forefront of the world. Another important feature of the German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is the concentration of small and medium enterprises, the Government adopted a series of measures to encourage SMEs to actively carry out research and development and innovation activities, improve competitiveness. Such as the most extensive coverage of the SME Innovation Core Project (ZIM), for enterprise innovation program to provide long-term low-interest loans, ERP projects.

CECIMO in the enterprise in the implementation of the "future factory" program for the European technology platform to protect Europe in the future investment projects in a decisive voice, a total investment of 12 billion euros. In addition, CECIMO is actively pursuing an integrated industrial policy that promotes socio-economic, financial, and trade activities, enabling the sustainable development of European industry, thereby maintaining the European machine tool production and research base. Particular emphasis on "actual" and "effectiveness", adhere to the "people-oriented", mentoring, constantly improve the quality of personnel. In the development of automated production lines at the same time, Germany has maintained a scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, with particular emphasis on the combination of theory and practice of CNC machine tools in-depth study of common problems in the quality of tempered, steady progress.

China's high-end machine tools to achieve upgrading
After years of efforts, China's high-end machine tool products basically from the "can not do" to "do" upgrade and leapfrog, but the machine tool manufacturing industry is still in the international division of labor and industrial chain of low-end " Of the phenomenon still exists.

In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry has made great progress, the economic scale to achieve "from small to large" rapid growth, ranking first in the world for many years. In the field of high-end products, China has achieved "from scratch" breakthrough, the main varieties of high-end machine tool products from the basic realization of the "can not do" to "do" to upgrade and Across, at the same time, the overall quality of enterprises have been generally improved, a number of strong market competitiveness of enterprises began to emerge.

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