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Provincial Women's Federation went to Xiaoguang Mould to investigate and guide related work

Date: 2022-08-10
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On the afternoon of July 28, Huang Fang, secretary and chairman of the Hunan Women's Federation, visited Xiaoguang Mould to investigate and guide related work.

At Xiaoguang Craftsman College, Huang Fang and his party watched a video introduction to the daily work of the company's female employees. Du Junhong, vice chairman of the company, reported to Huang Fang and his party that Xiaoguang has always insisted on leading the construction of groups through party building, and adopted the same position, deployment, activities and training to create a warm and harmonious environment for the company's female employees. Let this female power better help the harmonious development of enterprises. Huang Fang highly affirmed the achievements made by Xiaoguang Mould's party building to lead the group building.

In the future, Xiaoguang Mould Women's Federation will continue to improve the overall quality and performance of the team, lead all female employees to strive to be 'the most beautiful strugglers', open up a new era with practical actions, show new achievements, and contribute to the implementation of the strategy of 'strengthening the provincial capital'.

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